Resident Lynx Adopts Three Abandoned Kittens Left in Box at Zoo Gates

A resident Lynx at a zoo has surprised everyone with her mothering instincts.

It all started when an unknown person had left a cardboard box at the gate of a family zoo in Siberia.

Fortunately it was found by one of the staff and on inspection, they discovered three little kittens inside.

There was a ginger and two tabbies and they were all in need of food and some care and attention.

Zoo policy states that no domestic animals can be kept at the zoo. The staff wondered what could they do about this tricky situation.

Then they had an idea, and decided to give the kittens a new mother, their resident Lynx.

Lynx had been a foster mother before and although she is a wildcat, she can be very affectionate when it comes to looking after kittens.

As soon as she saw the kittens, she immediately rubbed her body on them. This was her way of marking them with the scent.

Her maternal instincts had kicked in and she began to look after the kittens like they were own.

It didn’t take long for the zoo to find owners for this adorable trio and once old enough they will be adopted into their forever homes.

Watch the video: