Dog Humorously Fails At Being A Sheepdog And Gets Chased By Sheep Instead

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of sheepdogs is a Border Collie. And with good reason—they were developed to keep an eye on and lead flocks of sheep.

Perhaps even some of us have witnessed Border Collies in action. And it’s quite amazing how many signs and orders they can comprehend and then carry out flawlessly.

Those sheepdogs are experts at what they do! And during the presentation, the dog’s handler noted that part of a sheep dog’s responsibility is to maintain composure when herding the sheep to avoid getting the animals overly excited because fired-up sheep might ultimately cause difficulties.

One dog in particular, though, who has been called the “world’s worst sheepdog” after a video went viral, failed to grasp the steady grace of sheep herding. On the day the video clip was shot, Nelson, a Norfolk Terrier, wasn’t exactly a Border Collie on the field.

He was a miserably clueless herding dog. But at least the resulting video was incredibly enjoyable to watch. By having the sheep all worked up and in play mode, little Nelson in the video ends up messing up his herding task.

Nelson ends up playing in the field rather than rounding them up in a systematic way. The sheep quickly become aware that the “sheepdog” is neglecting his job of herding them, and instead of forming an organized cluster, the sheep end up acting independently. Quickly joining in on the fun is the flock of sheep.

They scatter throughout the field but eventually join forces to pursue Nelson. Talk about a switch of roles. However, the brave little dog doesn’t appear overly concerned. He seems to be having a great time being chased by the sheep.

The impromptu game of tag continues, and even though the video clip is only a few seconds long, Nelson’s playtime seems to have lasted a while because he kept ignoring his owner’s pleas to “Nelson, come here.” View the amusing video below: