After his mother abandoned him, a dog adopted a young fawn named Polka, and the two have remained great friends ever since.

Although we usually think of animals as being less developed than humans, there is actually a lot we can learn from them. Animals have a lot to teach us about living in harmony and accepting one another despite our differences.

Here is only one example that shows how animals understand what it means to live in harmony and without prejudice. They are the closest of friends, and because of their amazing relationship, the internet adores them.

Despite the fact that their friendship is totally unique, they are quite natural at everything. They like playing outside together and, when possible, will even take naps together.

It’s amazing to observe how their love transcends any categories that are currently in use!

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As people, it is our responsibility to do all possible to aid disadvantaged animals. It’s great that the dog contributed in this instance as well.

How do you feel? Have you ever witnessed a dog and a fawn getting along?