Panorama Garden Estate Welcomes Another White Baby Kangaroo Who Takes After Her Albino Dad

Prepared yourself for the upcoming cuteness, because this little albino joey will melt your heart within a few seconds! Born at Panorama Garden Estate – a wildlife sanctuary located in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, the baby kangaroo has won

the love of many animal lovers worldwide after her very first images were uploaded to their social media in September.

While her mother, Cindy is a perfectly normal eastern grey kangaroo, this adorable joey clearly resembles her albino father Marloo with snow-white fur and lovely pink ears. Even though the baby has yet to be named, she’s already a huge star in the eyes of the sanctuary’s fans.

“The joey hasn’t been named yet as it only popped its head out a couple of weeks ago. She’ll be popping out hopefully in the next month for short periods of time,” said Panorama Garden Estate’s owner Annemaree Van Rooy.

Just take a look at this charming girl:Van Rooy also revealed that Marloo and his baby weren’t the first albino kangaroos to live at this 55-acre sanctuary. In fact, Panorama Garden Estate is home to a bunch of white kangaroos and they are all doing fantastically there.

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