This wonderful cat became famous all over the world due to its unusually huge size

Cats do not make much effort to win people’s hearts. Some animals, like this cat, have very unique and different characteristics.

Kefir is a beautiful cat that lives in Russia with its mother, Yulia, who immediately attracts the attention of all who see her because of her huge size.

She is one year and nine months old, weighs about 26.5 pounds and even will grow much taller.

According to Yulia, cats of this breed can grow up to three feet tall.

When people see him, they are generally confused because they have never seen such a huge domestic cat before.

Yulia says that as soon as she saw Kefir, she fell in love with her, because she has very beautiful fur.

They never expected this cat to be so big, but she quickly became a favorite member of the family.

Kefir does not like dry cat food, so it eats meat and some natural foods instead.

Despite her huge size, Kefir is very friendly and likes to spend time with her people.

Cat՛s great amount of hair, which leaves the whole house, may be the only concern for it.

But her family, on the other hand, is not at all worried about having to clean it up, as he is the most beloved member of the family.

She is considered a full member of the family, so much so that she sits at the table next to Yulia for dinner.

Kefir is quite bright, it has an unusual ability to reveal the general character of people. He always seems to understand what is going on.

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