The cunning cat was caught to sneak the baby’s crib to sleep with her

The fluffy cat Sunny was welcomed to his family after 6 years of being in the shelter and looking for his forever caring home.

His humans were so happy to take him and he also was really joyful to have such a loving and attentive family. He was incredibly thrilled to change his life.

But once, when the couple brought their little baby Hazel to the house Sunny was indifferent to her. He just sniffed her and then went away in a cold manner.

Sunny pretended to be insensitive to the infant for some months untill one day he was caught to hide a secret. The parents were so anxious when their cat would get friends with the baby.

And once they were watching the baby with a monitor at night when they suddenly spotted an unexpected scene: Sunny sneaked to Hazel’s room and jumped into her crib, then cuddled to her and slept warmly.

Hazel’s mom Shannon and her husband were literally shocked. They didn’t expect that their stubborn cat would be so gentle and kind to the little child. It turned out that he loved and cared for Hazel long time ago.

Now Sunny’s secret was revealed and now he shows his warmth and love to her freely. He is following Hazel everywhere she goes guarding and protecting her. And he cuddles her every time he gets a chance.

Sunny and Hazel now has the most beautiful and amazing friendship ever. It is sure they will be together for long years.