The dog went a great distance before locating his savior.

In comparison to his buddies, the young person was overweight. When she began to abuse him, the girl gave him the slang name Puppy. She took the best possible care of the new pet.

However, when the girl learned that it was time for her to return to the United States, things soon turned bad. Furthermore, the airline that flew the aircraft forbade the transfer of dogs.

Puppy has to persevere as well. However, this story’s conclusion was not depressing. The organization for the protection of animals accepted responsibility for the situation because similar instances did occur infrequently.

The dog was quickly given temporary shelter while the necessary paperwork and other conditions were quickly taken care of so that he could fly. Additionally, the company took care of all financial issues. They were prosperous.

The dog traveled on other aircraft before landing by his owner’s side. We appreciate the kind and courteous individuals that were able to resolve this situation.

What a remarkable circumstance. We appreciate the assistance from all the good folks.

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