Cat Meets Pillow Who Looks Just Like Him And Falls Madly In Love

Harry has lived with his mother since he was a young kitten, and despite his outward appearance of being cranky and uninterested, he’s truly the kindest cat you’ll ever meet, always concerned with his family and everything going on around him.

“Harry appears to despise everyone and everything a lot of the time, but in reality, he is the clingiest, cuddliest boy ever,” Harry’s mother, Beka Smyth, told The Dodo.

“He wants to be engaged in everything I do, will yell out for me if I leave the room and he doesn’t know where I’ve gone, and he’s slept pretty much straight on my head at night since he was a small little kitten.”

Smyth and her spouse were just out shopping when she noticed something that made her stop dead in her tracks. A massive cat cushion was on the top shelf of the store they were in, and it looked precisely like Harry. The cushion represented Harry so beautifully, with its coloration and sour attitude, that Smyth knew she had to buy it.

Smyth handed her new Harry look-alike pillow to Harry as soon as she and her boyfriend arrived home — and at first, he had no idea how to respond.

“Harry’s reaction was a little surprising. I expected him to flip out at the sight of it, but he merely stared at me as if to say, ‘Is this some sort of joke?’” Smyth stated.

Following the initial interactions, Smyth placed the cushion on top of Harry’s cat tree, and he swiftly jumped up next to it, gradually changing from perplexed to extremely intrigued.

The pillow moved to the couch the next day, and so did Harry. He climbed up onto the couch next to it, sat down, and didn’t move for the rest of the day.

Sometime after the pillow came, Harry concluded that, despite his first astonishment, he was actually rather in love with it after all, and wanted to spend as much time with his new best friend as possible.

“He spent the entire day sitting next to it on the couch — only hopping off every now and then to examine what I was doing in the study — and he’s been sitting next to it a lot of the time ever since,” Smyth said.

When Smyth originally purchased the pillow, she felt it was a highly amusing coincidence that Harry could like as well, but she had no clue that the grumpy-looking cushion would wind up becoming her cat’s new closest buddy.

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