Adorable Moment Baby Dressed Up Like A Lion Cub Meets A Real Lion, The Big Cat’s Reaction Is Priceless!

This is the adorable moment a toddler dressed as a lion baby interacting with a huge lion through the safety of a window at Zoo Atlanta in Georgia.

The video was captured and shared online by the toddler’s godfather Cami Fanning. It quickly went viral and took the Internet by storm thanks to the cuteness of the toddler and the priceless reaction of the huge cat.

Cami writes: “My close friend and I took our 11 month old godson to Zoo Atlanta for a little god family outing… Our godson’s name is Aryeh, which means lion in Hebrew, so his mom packed his lion costume.”\

As you can see in the video, Aryeh looks on curious and calm, gets up close to the glass and tries to make friends with the lion. The big cat sniffs at the glass, looks at the baby, and then paws at the barrier. When the cat realizes it can’t touch Aryeh, it turns away.

“The lions were immediately interested in our little lion cub, and it wasn’t long before they couldn’t stand their curiosity any longer and came right up to the glass,” the godparent wrote.

“Aryeh was completely unfazed and interacted with the lions for a few minutes! We took some pictures and videos before moving along as the lions started getting a little worked up and we didn’t want to make them too anxious.

It was incredible! Definitely a great memory from our first little godfamily outing!”

Watch the adorable moment captured in two videos: