The man saved the baby deer and made him healthy, and the cutie responded to his kindness in a cute way

After saving the deer’s life, the man allowed him back into the wild, but the deer had other plans.

Once a man named Darius Sasnauskas noticed a mother deer giving birth to two adorable babies in the yard of his house. But, unluckily, one of them was injured, and after a while he passed away.

As for the second one, he was too little to survive alone, so the kind man decided to take him home and gave him much care and attention.

Although Darius had never kept a wild animal and had no intention of keeping one, he did his job perfectly and after some time the baby became healthy.

Seeing that the cutie was strong enough to survive on his own, Darius let him return to his habitat, but the deer had other plans. He never forgot what his human did for him and came back to his beloved man.

Now they are inseparable and enjoy being together all day.

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