A Kind Man Rescued And Taught Sign Language To A De.af Puppy!

A fairytale ending for this sweet dog!
Emerson, the unfortunate dog, has been in a ba.d shelter in Florida since he was 6 weeks old, where he [con.trac.ted] a [par.vov.irus in.fec.tion], which can be fa.tal to dogs if not tre.ated.

His life was difficult, but he was saved and relocated to Maine for tre.atment.

However, luck was not on his side. Staff noticed something was wrong with Emerson as he recovered; they weren’t sure if Emerson was born de.af and bl.ind or if it was the result of a se.iz.ure. The doctors and nurses are all in gr.ief for him!

That is also why Emerson is not adopted; his siblings are all adopted, but he is still alone!
The staff there made a lovely post about the dog for him to have a better chance of being adopted!

In the end, his message was delivered to the ideal candidate, Nick Abbott. They have a strong bond because they are both deaf.

When Abbott reached the door, Emerson appeared and soon sat at his feet.

After teaching Emerson visual commands, Abbott communicated with him. What we know as the “sit” command became Emerson’s “s” sign. And “lie down” meant sweeping Abbott’s hand across the room in a straight line.

Emerson, after all, has discovered someone who understands and sympathizes with him!
What others saw as negative has turned out to be the most important aspect of this relationship, and Emerson is now very happy with her new family!

It was his flaws that led him to the ideal family. What a happy ending!

Bless you both! 🙏🙏 You’ll give eachother so much happiness!

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