The beautiful friendship between a raccoon and a deer melts everyone’s hearts

The year before, a sanctuary received a report about a baby raccoon in trouble. When the animal was just three weeks old, his mother abandoned him. He was found outside in the pouring rain.

Melania took Jolly, the raccoon she had adopted, to an institution that specializes in saving deer. Jolly, on the other hand, survived thanks to affection and careful attention, and he quickly made friends with deer.

The Hippo fawn was frequently visited by the raccoon. Hippo was discovered in the street, much like Jolly.

Over time, the raccoon and the fawn formed a tight bond that is now appreciated by hundreds of social media users in addition to the personnel of the shelter.

Jolly and Hippo cross paths every day, yet despite this, they never get tired of chatting to one another and they never part ways, not even at night.

Hippo pays Jolly a visit in the evening and snoozes close to him. Their bond is just great.

We never stop being amazed by this and happy for them,” Melanie continues. What an amazing connection between two species. How do you feel?

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