Shelter Dog Walks Into UPS Van And His Life Changes Forever

Ernie is a loving and smart dog who, like many other dogs, was seeking a permanent home where he could live happily ever after.

Fortunately, he happened to cross paths with a UPS vehicle and discovered the ideal family in the most unlikely of circumstances (United Parcel Service Inc).

This puppy remained in the Buffalo, New York, animal shelter, where Cindy Grisanti was a volunteer. Cindy made the decision to take Ernie outside one morning in early October.

The UPS van’s driver, Jason Coronado, was stopped and having a 10-minute break.

After a completely unexpected encounter with Coronado, Ernie responded to the man as though he were a longstanding friend.

Coronado said to The Dodo:I summoned him up to the booth because he was waiting for me in the hills and was delighted to see me.

Cynthia said:“Ernie approached Coronado and began licking his face as he sat on the truck’s stairs. After some time spent huddling close, I made an effort to free him so that we might carry on with our stroll, but I found it very difficult. She desired to remain in the truck with his new acquaintance.

Ernie and the van driver were both quite upset when it was time to say goodbye, and as the weeks passed, it appeared as though the tiny dog couldn’t stop thinking about that experience.

Coronado finally caught sight of Ernie’s ongoing housing search via a social media post after more than a month had passed. It should be mentioned that the shelter accepted him starting in August, making him one of the canine residents’ stays that lasted the longest.

Coronado declared:The news that it was still there made me sad.

After talking with his family, the guy ultimately decided to give Ernie the chance since he couldn’t help but consider making him a part of his home.

Coronado declared:“He is overjoyed. I regret not bringing him home sooner.

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