Bear Spent 9 Years In Torture Vest , Now Enjoys The Water For The First Time

The bear in the video called Tuffy, who spent most of his life in a small crate at a bear bile farm. So, it is sure that he could just jump after being freed.

The clip below shows Tuffy splashing and jumping around in a pool in his new place, writes thepetneeds

After rescuing, he is now at Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary. Bear bile farm causing massive damage to their gallbladders. Fortunately, the bile is then sold to be a component in traditional Chinese medicines.

However, Tuffy’s gallbladder was really damaged which it then be removed. He also had cracked, dry paws, and 3 fractured teeth when he arrived at the sanctuary.

But the clip shows that Tuffy is now enjoying his new life very much. The black bear wildly jumps and splashes around the pool. Louise Ellis, Animals Asia Bear Manager, said that for Tuffy, when you are being forced to be for years of no water, is just like being parched for long time, then being in a true oasis.

Bear pile is part of the two million dollars bear product trade. However, there are over 10,000 bears in the bile farms in China, and over 1,200 bears in the farms in Vietnam.

Last year, Lesley Nicol, Downtown Abbey star, travelled to China to see Animal Asia’s work in ending the bear bile trade.