The adorable little cow named Gunter, who was reared with three dogs and thinks he is a dog as well, is here for you to meet.

Gunter was born on a dairy farm. The calf needed special care and additional food, but knowledgeable farmers knew what to do and took care of him with the local veterinarian.

On the farm, the infant became acquainted with the Hubbs’ dogs to the point that he began to consider them to be his siblings and himself as a puppy.

He reviewed everything after the dogs. He developed a special bond with a dog named Leo.

The calf was handled by the dog as if it were his own. He would lie by his side for hours. Unintentionally leaving the courtyard door open one day, Sharon returned to see a humorous scene.

After seeing his elder brothers do it, Gunter thought he could take a midday sleep on the couch, and he covered the entire area with his large frame.

Since then, Gunter has often slept asleep on the couch with his sister and best dog friend.

No one can resist the calf’s attractiveness, which is why his owners try to be patient with him and find humor in all of his antics.

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