Cat Trusts Her Dog Friend So Much That She Falls Asleep In His Mouth

Butta, a German shepherd, and Bella, a cat, never stop playing. As much as their mother allows, the two siblings enjoy wrestling and teasing one other.

“They’re absolutely joyous, lively, and playful,” Gabrielle, Butta, and Bella’s mother, who requested anonymity, told The Dodo. “They’re always playing.” Gabrielle adopted Bella four months ago and realized right away that the ferocious tiny cat would be no match for Butta.

“The adoption facility stated they found her in an abandoned building and she had been in several fights previously,” Gabrielle posted on Instagram. “She’s a true warrior.”

The dynamic duo frequently fights, but at the end of the day, the best friends absolutely trust one other. Gabrielle discovered their unique bond when she saw them sleeping in an unusual position.

“We were driving to Louisiana, and kids were playing as normal, and they just happened to fall asleep,” Gabrielle explained. “I was astonished since they were unusual in that way.”

Cat Trusts Her Dog Friend So Much That She Falls Asleep In His Mouth — Paws Daily

For some minutes, Bella slept with her head softly resting in Butta’s mouth, while Gabrielle stood there, stunned by the bizarre “snuggle.”

They haven’t slept in the same position since, but with that level of trust, it’s apparent the two will be pals for life. And their mother is overjoyed. Gabrielle posted on Instagram, “[Bella’s favorite] spot to sleep is in Butta’s mouth. Just kidding, it’s our bed.”

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