‘CEO Cat’ Koda Has the Cutest Friendship With the Delivery Driver

It has been over a year and four months since Koda or Kodachrome the cat took over a California office as “CEO of photography.” Quite an accomplishment since that’s about how old Koda is too!

He loves being the cat CEO and does as he pawleases, often sleeping on the job, using employees as scratching posts, asking for endless treats, and climbing cubicle walls. All in a day’s work for a CEO in America.

“The office is my playground and the employees are my scratchposts,” he says on TikTok.When it’s naptime, this cat, like all cats, often likes to lie down on a nice keyboard. “Once again, as CEO, it is my right to be lazy. Don’t disturb my well-earned rest.”

But, just because the CEO is a chill, fun-loving cat doesn’t mean he won’t keep the employees in line when necessary.“When you are late and the boss is waiting for you… it’s me, I’m the boss, you were supposed to pet me 5 minutes ago…”

When Kodachrome isn’t supervising photography, he keeps the whole office entertained. It’s no surprise. We’ve shared before that having an office cat can significantly reduce stress and increase productivity and morale. Below is a scene of a day in the office with Kodachrome, and it looks like he’s got an eye on every angle of the place.

It’s obvious that the employees adore this kitty, throwing him a birthday party in May. On TikTok, Koda’s office kitty shenanigans have been a hit.

But, when he met a man in uniform, that’s when things really took off. It was “love at first sight,” and the nice driver started bringing the office kitty treats daily. He even helped with a tiny UPS hat.

“Me just having an average day as an office cat when the UPS guy walks in to deliver a package.” Following the viral TikTok, the official UPS account shared the video, saying they “cat get enough” of Koda. The cat CEO’s human Stephanie Smith is very proud to see how famous he’s become.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, the cat shared that he’s ready to join the UPS driver on his route. So much for office life. “Koda and his favorite person!! He is ready to join you on your route.” Although they became famous, it hasn’t changed their special friendship.

The UPS guy even helped Koda wear his own tiny official hat. Although the driver may be his favorite, Koda does have plenty of other friends.

Sometimes, Bodhi, the chihuahua, joins Koda at work, but he doesn’t seem to be a huge fan. Oh well, there’s always another package delivery to look forward to.

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