This Rescued Kangaroo Loves Her Rescuers And Caretakers So Much That She Can Hug Them All Day

Wild animals can be as adorable and affectionate as family pets. They can sense the love and kindness of their humans for them and give the sweetest reactions.

A baby elephant can’t stop snuggling up to his caretaker and asking her to sing a lullaby for him every day. A penguin swims over 8,000km every year to see his rescuer man. These precious creatures really know how to steal our hearts!

And today’s story introduces a cute rescued kangaroo named Abigail. The young mammal has a sweet heart. She can spend time hugging her rescuers and kind volunteers all day. Adorably, the kangaroo doesn’t hide the happiness on her face every time she embracing her humans.

Abigail was rescued when she was just 5 months old. She was then transferred to Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Central Australia. The joey has received a lot of love and care here and is grateful for them.

The friendly and intelligent animal decides to do something to show her special affection for her humans. She gently approaches and gives them a big hug whenever she can.

It becomes her daily routine. And this successfully, makes Abigail the ‘queen of the sanctuary.’ All the zoo’s staff and volunteers can’t resist the cuteness of the kangaroo.

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