Pit bull’s only concern is taking care of the kittens he is supposed to be raising.

Three years ago, a family in California acquired Ozerk the pit bull. All of the family members, except Norman the cat, quickly grew close to the dog. Ozerk avoids touching the hairy, while Norman ignores the enormous guy.

Ozerk’s life is perfect since he has everything a dog needs for a happy existence. What more is necessary? It came out that Ozerk need assistance with something.

So the pit bull’s life suddenly gained meaning when Jennie decided to adopt Winnie, a pregnant stray kitten!

A few days later, Winnie gave birth to five adorable kittens. The mother cat, in contrast to Norman, was more submissive to the big dog and allowed him to care for her kittens.

Jennie wants to put four kittens up for adoption and leave one newborn with a mother cat. He responded to their naughty antics with an out-of-the-ordinary level of composure and generosity.

Although Ozerk has a kitten in his care that clings to his large friend like glue, he will be sad to see the kittens depart. Amazing, isn’t it?

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