Cat Has To Join Her Mom Every Time She Takes A Bath

Jinx was coated in fleas when she was rescued at just 4 weeks old, so her mother had to give her repeated baths to keep her clean and healthy again.

“She was infested with fleas when I first got her, and since she was so young, I didn’t want to give her any flea treatments or tablets, so I would put her in the sink and wash her almost every day,” Jinx’s mother, Tracey Lehmann, told The Dodo.

Jinx has been completely fascinated with bathing since then. Most cats dislike getting wet, but Jinx enjoys it so much that she now needs to accompany her mother every time she takes a bath.

“I can tell when she wants to go in because she keeps gazing at me and meowing,” Lehmann explained.

Jinx will spend almost the whole time her mother is in the bath, just soaking in the water…

“I generally take her out first so she can go about the bathroom and dry off a little before letting her get the rest of the house muddy,” Lehmann explained. “

But she’ll stay in there for half an hour to 40 minutes just standing there or sitting on my lap.”

Jinx like the rain, in addition to baths, because she clearly enjoys being covered in water whenever possible.

“I’ll hold her beneath the rain, and sometimes she’ll just fall asleep or raise her head to the sky and close her eyes,” Lehmann said.

It’s probably not how most cats feel, but being near water makes Jinx very happy.

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