An Adorable Opossum Assisting A Deer By Picking Ticks Off Its Face!

Opossums may have seemed unwelcome due to their habit of rummaging through trash, but they can also be quite cute at times! Let all opossum live!!! They’re the best little animals.

Because opossums resemble mice, people have long assumed that they are rabies-carrying rodents. Historically, they were both as pe.sts and ea.ten. Opossums are considered pe.sts because they seek heat in the colder months and can make homes in basements and attics, and they can carry a [] that can k.i.ll horses.

Unfortunately for these adorable rodents, they are more beneficial than many people realize. Opossums are the unsung heroes responsible for reducing Lyme [] and other tick-borne [] in both animals and humans.

It turns out that opossums’ favorite snack is not trash leftovers but ticks, which are estimated to consume 5,000 in a single season!

The Vermont Wildlife Alliance recently shared a touching photo from a dash cam that captured a touching moment between an opossum and a deer, with the opossum attempting to ticks for the deer.

How imagine that conversation went:
“Deer (to self): AGH I HATE TICKS! These stupid things keep getting in my eyes and I can’t get them off.
Opossum (from a shrub): I could eat ’em for you.
Deer: What? Who said that?
Opossum (emerging from shrub): Me. I said I could pick them off your face and then eat them.
Deer (a little freaked out): Oh.. uh…well.. You know what actually that would be great. Thank you.
Opossum (jumping on to the rock): No problem at all, my friend. Just bend down a sec so I can reach the problem areas.”

This photo exemplifying the symbiotic relationship between two different species coexisting and helping each other!
Not only does it eliminate ticks, but it also [com.bats pe.sts] such as mice, snakes, slugs, and other garden pe.sts!

They are also not as dirty as people believe because they clean themselves just like cats. And, like hamsters, they fa.i.nt or when! Hopefully, these opossums will live safely and no one will chase them away.

This rodent appears to be cute as well, but they are not suitable as pets. If you come across them, the best thing to do is leave them alone! Opossums are so wonderful to have in your yard. LOVE then! Protect opossums!! They are gentle, helpful critters.

We could all learn a lesson from this…!

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