Cat Is Determined To Fit Inside His New Haunted House

Percy was adopted from the RSPCA little over a year ago, and his family is completely smitten with him.

Kira-Kay Wilson told The Dodo, “Percy is a huge baby.” “He enjoys baths and belly rubs and is the most cuddly cat.”

Wilson likes to return home with a gift for Percy every time she goes shopping. Anything he can sit in is unquestionably his favorite type of present.

“He’s always liked sitting in things like boxes and baskets,” Wilson added.

Wilson saw a kitty box haunted home on a recent shopping trip and knew she had to get it for Percy right now.
She brought it home and promptly put it up, excited for Percy to see it — but she quickly realized that Percy was a bit too large for it.

“My spouse and I both chuckled when we realized how little the house is in comparison to him,” Wilson explained.

Despite the obvious size difference, Percy was determined to use the haunted home, and his parents assisted him in fitting into it and settling there.

“He was intrigued when he first saw the house, but he is too huge for the entryway, so my husband had to put him in, and then he fell in love,” Wilson explained.

Wilson will undoubtedly remember the haunted house event and consider Percy’s size before purchasing him another gift the next time she goes shopping.

Percy, on the other hand, sees nothing wrong with his new haunted house and enjoys it just the way it is.

“He still uses it because he likes tiny areas,” Wilson explained.