Blind husky Mackenzie can’t contain her excitement the second she senses snow

For blind husky Mackenzie, there is no greater joy than somersaulting in a deep snowdrift.

He smells the snow on the tips of his mustache before he even leaves the porch.

When the snow melts, the dog begins to wait for the next year and the next frost. It’s funny, but as much as this husky loves snow, he also hates liquid water.

Persuading him to swim is a whole story, and you have to tempt the dog with treats in order to wash him after the dog playground.

Mackenzie is really friendly with people. He is always ready to meet someone new.

Lack of vision does not at all prevent the dog from recognize people: he smells the sister and brother of his owner even before they enter the house and perfectly understands when the stranger will be happy with his company.

Even without eyes, he faithfully looks at the owner when she calls him: he turns his head and smiles. Listens.

Mackenzie lost his sight as a puppy. When he arrived from the breeders, he already had glaucoma in one eye, but the owner hoped that the eye could be saved.

Unfortunately, the disease also affected the other eye.

Both eyeballs had to be removed surgically, and now Mackenzie looks like a smiling dog from a Japanese comic – very fitting for his character.

However, a blind husky feels like any ordinary dog.

It makes no difference to the owner either: this is her first dog, and she loves Mackenzie.

It’s just that every time they come to a new room, she shows the pet where the stairs are – and after that she is completely calm for him: the husky uses the scent and feels the movement of air with vibrissae, so he perfectly understands when an obstacle may arise in front of him. We

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