Cat Couple Asks To Be Let Inside So They Can Have Their Babies

Gianna Llewellyn and her boyfriend Rob were shocked when their new neighbors stopped by to say hello after they moved into a first-floor flat last summer.

A little orange tabby and a black cat came straight up to the window while they were arranging chairs. When Rob noticed that the cats were hungry, he laid out some leftover salmon, which the appreciative strays devoured.

“After that, they kept coming back every every night,” Llewellyn told The Dodo. “I’ve been meowing, waiting at the entrance, and lying on the ledge.”

For the first several days, the cats, which they called Miso and Suki, only came to the window when they needed food, but Llewellyn and Rob eventually earned their confidence. The cat lovers soon spent all of their time at the flat, resting in the garden during the day and cuddling on the windowsill at night.

Llewellyn observed something strange about the black cat as the weather grew colder. “They were both quite tiny when we first met,” Llewellyn remarked. “Suki was really tiny, yet her tummy appeared a little huge for her.” So we thought, ‘Either she’s pregnant or something worse.’”

Llewellyn went to the pet store and got two cardboard carrying bags to corral the cats into so she could take them to the vet. Miso smashed a hole in his box to meet Suki again, as the cat lovers despised being separated. “They continued mewing to one other from the cardboard boxes, making sure the other was all OK,” Llewellyn explained.

Suki’s pregnancy was confirmed by the vet, but she was otherwise healthy, so Llewellyn contacted the local rescue Little Wanderers NYC for assistance. Llewellyn and Rob took up the role of formal foster parents for the cats and transferred them inside.

When the couple returned home one night, they discovered Suki on a towel with four newborn kittens at her side. When she began giving birth again, raising the total number of infants to seven, they felt they had missed the major event. Miso was there to console his girlfriend throughout it all.

“She still gets contraction pains, and whenever she yelped from one, Miso would go over to be next to her,” Llewellyn said. “They’re the perfect pair.”

Miso gladly assumed the role of father, grooming and entertaining the kittens. “At first, it appeared that every kitten was black, but as they grew older, we discovered that there was one black cat, three gray and black tabbies, and three torties,” Llewellyn said. “There’s a little orange in the tabbies and torties, so Miso is definitely the father.”

Llewellyn has now found the kittens loving homes with her friends, and she and her partner have decided to adopt Miso and Suki permanently.

The cat pair will never have to worry about being separated again.

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