Melting Because Of The Tiny Cat Who Nibbles On Man’s Ears Every Morning!

Well if I wasn’t getting a cat before I certainly am now. Nobody has any business being this adorable.

What does a sweet morning usually start with? A yellow and white blob goes straight to your head, nibbling at your ears and groaning. It is Irina’s little cat.

You are lying in a warm blanket and soft mattress, in your wonderful dream when you are awakened. How can you be angry with this cute little cat with big round innocent eyes? His name is Pinky and he will wake you up every morning in a way that makes you melt.

Irina has Pinky and other British Shorthair kittens in the house, so this man is used to being woken up every morning. This alarm clock won’t stop until you feed them.

Sometimes these cats will lunge at you, gnaw your fingers or play with your paws. It’s a sign that you’re someone they can trust.

When cats feel safe around you, they will lie on their backs and expose their bellies as an invitation to your caress. They are completely submissive to you as they roll over and stretch their legs.

A special thing is that Irina is allergic to cats. However, that didn’t stop her love of cats, especially Pinky. She often shares sweet pictures of Pinky and her cats every day to spread positive vibes to everyone.

She is so adorable and a cute little kitty just wanna hug and kiss her so priceless!

Watch the video bellow:

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