Cat Takes A Stray Kitten He Found In The Garden Into His Care And Brings Him Home

Stavros is a cute cat that appears to understand the requirements of life on the streets very well. As a result, when he first noticed a small kitten all by himself in the backyard of his home, he decided to take him in and serve as a sort of surrogate father.

This protective cat was adopted a little over a year ago when his adoptive parents were on holiday in Holland. He now resides with his family in a spacious rural house in the Netherlands. Stavros’s mother, Klarieke, offered the following insight:

“Stavros was severely ill and lived on the streets. A Dutch girl who visits Zakyntos every summer saved him. We chose to adopt him since he (the cat) was searching for a home in Holland. The last cat is here; three is plenty, my husband and I agreed.

They had no idea that Stavros would turn out to be the devoted guardian of a kitten that used to roam the house’s garden a year after they adopted what they thought was the family’s final pet. He appeared to be very undernourished and quite confused at first impression.

Klarieke initially questioned whether the small kitten had a family because she had never seen him close to her house before, but that all changed when her cat came up to the helpless pussycat and treated him like a close friend.

Everything appeared to point to Stavros, the orange cat, as the person who had taken in the small kitten. They cuddled warmly and developed one of the sweetest friendships Klarieke had ever witnessed while she watched him play in the backyard.

The kitten was hesitant at first, but felt secure next to his new companion in the shed. The kitten was typically found in the garden and enjoyed to hide among the bushes. Little by little, the cat developed more confidence.

The amazing bond between the two furry buddies rapidly came to the attention of the household.

As a result of his previous experience and apparent comprehension of the needs of those who live on the streets, Stavros once even let the homeless kitty to eat from his plate.

He was fortunate that his family was willing to support him; as a result, they started serving the cat an additional dish of food.

“In the shed, I gave the kitten his own feeding bowl, but when he spotted me, he bolted. He must have been so hungry that he took a chance by entering the house to feed, Klarieke added.

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