Amazing pictures of his customers are taken by a man who walks a pack of over 16 doggies

Every doggy owner is aware that caring for a pet is more challenging than it initially appears to be.

It’s hard to leave your doggy at home all day, and it’s much harder to convince yourself to take him outside at night in bad weather.

Dave, the business’s owner and key employee, publishes adorable photos of his walks on Instagram virtually every day.

He can walk up to 16 doggies at once. Every day, doggys go for a walk as a pack and learn fun skills.

Animals form a sense of pack or community, which is significant to them. It must be quite challenging to control 10–16 large dogs.

But Dave appears to have thought of everything. He manages them perfectly. He really loves his job and his clients.

They stroll around together and act perfectly, sit obediently and wait for him to take another picture.

Since it began in 2011, the dog-walking service has gained popularity among locals, who are presumably not surprised to see a man walking 16 doggies.

Dave went to Animal Research College and has a degree in marketing and finance.

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