A broken wing of a butterfly being operated on to repair its flight.

The butterfly is one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. It can survive for two to five months, but in this case, if it hadn’t received unanticipated help, it may have experienced a shorter lifespan.

It was pure serendipity that the butterfly was born in the yard of a talented seamstress and fashion designer.

I’ve always loved butterflies, and at some time, they came to mean a lot to me. Before she passed away 20 years ago, my mother said to me, “Romy, if you see a butterfly, know that I am there, and I love you.”

Three butterfly caterpillars were discovered one day in the shrubs in her yard. She saw that one of the butterflies needed help since she was observing them.

The woman realized she could help the butterfly when one of its wings fell off. After fastening the bug with a wire, she skillfully sewed on the wing, creating a seam that is now scarcely noticeable.

The lady said that the butterfly was uninjured because its wings lack pain receptors and are akin to a person’s nails or hair. She still has the ability to fly, though.

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