This cute girl took a wolf and started taking care of him like a pet

If people bring stray cats from the street, then this girl Alida sheltered a wolf that its mother abandoned. She keeps a wolf in her house and treats it as a pet.

It turns out that the wolf was only a few days old when its mother refused to feed it and left. Its name was Kira. At first, a shelter worker took care of it, but it was impossible to pay much attention to it, writes positive-info.

And this girl found out about it on the Internet and decided that she needed to adopt the animal in any way. She had a big heart.

Wolves, as a rule, are naturally fearful, but interact with people and animals. However, it was not easy for the girl to realize all this, and she did everything to make the animal feel calm and good.

According to the owner, the wolf is very calm, communicates well with children. Passers-by often take pictures of a walking wolf and admire its calmness.

Some even say that it is smarter than many dogs.

Source: positive-info

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