The rescued pig and cat have gotten along incredibly well and are practically inseparable.

Have you seen these cute animals? Here are Maria, a cat, and Lara, a pig. At the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary, they were both saved by animal rights activists in Chile.

These newborns had poor care and attention, yet today this adorable duo is unbreakably together. When Maria was a newborn, a generous and compassionate person found her on the street and saved her.

She had just given birth, and it was obvious that the baby would not survive till dawn. On the other side, Lara experienced a similar outcome. Despite being born in a horrible environment, she was saved and given refuge.

When they came upon one another in the shelter, they immediately made contact.

And because so many of our smaller friends suffer every day as a result of someone else’s actions, we will honor individuals who perform such a crucial duty as saving our canine friends and hope that their example will encourage others.

What a fantastic tale, in your opinion. I hope every story has a satisfying conclusion as this one does.

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