Brave Man Stopped His Car In Heavy Traffic To Help A Kitten!

So glad that he was man enough to do that! The kitten is extremely fortunate to have met a good man; can’t imagine the kitten’s fate if he does not stop!

A small cat is lying on a busy road; it is ter.rif.ying and tries to flee all the time, but it is unable to do so because many vehicles pass by without stopping.

The kitten is repeatedly run over by cars and trucks in the video, but she is unharmed because she is between the wheels but not under them. Even if some cars attempt to avoid hitting the kitten, it is still at of being h.i.t. The kitten’s life is in dan.ger with each passing minute.

Our hearts is in our throats with each passing car because we were concerned for the kitten’s life!
Fortunately, a kind man parked in heavy traffic to help this po.or kitten. He is Denis Degtyarev, a compassionate and affectionate Russian man.

No one dared to save the cat until this man arrived; he walked over to the kitten, cradled it in his lap, and carried it back to his car.

However, we can sympathize with other drivers they may be in a hurry or only notice the kitten when their car is close to it, causing them to fail to stop in time.

Denis Degtyarev stated that the kitten was too small to feed itself, but he also shared the good news that, with the help of neighbors, he was able to find the cat a suitable home. So glad the kitten has found a safe, loving, and caring home!

We spend so much time running flat out to cram 48 hours into a 24 hour day. We’re far too busy to slow down and do the little things that add up to something truly important.

This man made a conscious choice to save a kitten. His actions made our world a better place, if only for a moment. Bravo sir!

He may not have been able to save the world, but he did save the kitten’s life. He is a true hero! Hopefully, his brave and wonderful actions will inspire all of us to assist those in need! You can watch a video of the rescue below: