The kind cat began constructing nests for the unborn youngster after she learned that the owner was expecting.

Fluffy hasn’t strayed even a millimeter from Lily Smith’s adopted Lucy since she was taken in from a shelter.

“We connect with Lucy right away.” She is really lovely and usually follows me around.

When visitors to our home come to visit, Lily Smith claims that even those who don’t like cats love talking to her.

The cat soon understood that Lily’s mother was expecting because Lucy and Lily are so close. Throughout Lily’s pregnancy, the cat lavished her with affection.

As the due date drew nearer, Lucy began preparing the house for the infant’s birth. Lily’s pregnancy was in her fifth month when preparations began.

Lucy began to gather little amounts of various clothing items at night to mimic a cozy nest for a mother and child.

The most perplexing thing was that Lily gave birth at 4:13 am and Lucy always started messing with her clothes at about 4:31 am, making the lady think that the cat knew Lily was going to give birth.

After months of waiting, the patient cat was able to visit her younger brother. But contrary to what her owner had hoped, she showed little interest in the baby

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