Boy Can’t Hold Back His Tears When He Finally Sees His Lost Cat Again

Franky is still a kitten learning about the world around him, but one thing he knows for certain is that he enjoys snuggling with his human sibling, Liam.

“My son is obsessed with him,” Franky and Liam’s mother, Rachelle Vaughn, told The Dodo. “He is fond of animals.” Especially this one, who is a snuggle monkey.”

Franky and Liam were quite close from the start and enjoyed spending a lot of time together — but then Franky went missing one day, and poor Liam was devastated.

Vaughn tried everything she could think of to find Franky, from posting posters to contacting shelters to scouring local Facebook groups. Nothing seemed to be working – until, five weeks later, someone discovered Franky.

“He appeared on the next street over,” Vaughn explained. “Someone shared images of him on Facebook, and I was overjoyed to see he was just behind us.”

Vaughn was ecstatic that Franky had been discovered and that he was completely well and healthy. One of their neighbors took him inside and kept him safe until his family could come and get him. Vaughn quickly made preparations to pick him up and decided to keep it a surprise for Liam, who still thought that Franky was missing.

“My son had no idea we were going to pick up the cat,” Vaughn explained. “I informed him that Amazon had sent a product to the incorrect address.”

When the couple arrived to their neighbor’s house, they walked inside to get the “gift,” and when Liam spotted Franky in his neighbor’s arms, he stopped in his tracks and fell into tears.

Franky, of course, recognized his brother straight away, and while feeling a little overwhelmed after everything he’d gone through, he was overjoyed to be reunited with his closest buddy.

“My son cried and cried and said, ‘I have no words’ as he broke down with tears of joy,” Vaughn said.

The two took Franky home and re-acquainted him with his surroundings, and it was soon as if he hadn’t been been gone at all. He’s overjoyed to be reunited with his family, and he won’t allow them out of his sight, especially Liam.

“Franky has been more loving than usual since he’s been home,” Vaughn added. “I can see he missed being home, as did we. He follows me throughout the house, like if I’m about to vanish or something.”

Franky and Liam have had a particular link since the beginning, and Liam was overjoyed when he learned his cat had returned to him