Reporter visits Shelter to do a tale, Dog Hugs him tight till he adopts her!

This dog is extremely intelligent and she had did her best to have her own home! Animal sanctuaries all over the world are full of a.ban.doned and unloved dogs who will do anything to be adopted and have their own caring family.

When a reporter went to an animal shelter to report on the stories about dogs there, a dog ran up to him and hugged his leg, refusing to let go. He thought she was too boring at first, so she found a human to play with, but by the time he needed to leave, his thighs were still tightly hugged.

The sly dog apparently knew that this was her only chance at finding a home, and she chose this man!

He knows he can’t leave the shelter without his loving dog after experiencing this heartwarming moment. He probably never expected to come to the sanctuary to [re.port] a story and end up adopting a new dog.

It makes perfect sense! The intelligent dog has found a loving home and an adopter of her own choosing. That’s fantastic….!

It was love at first sight and the beautiful doggie won’t let him go … they were meant to be together. God works in wonders, and this is one of them … now she is adopted into his forever loving home.

So glad you took her home! She picked her family. How could he have left her behind . God bless you for taking care of this beautiful puppy they can tell if someone cares for them sending hugs and lots of love 💘 hope everything goes well


Watch the heartwarming story in video below:

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