He observed a young man remove his shirt to warm a freezing wild dog.

There is a widespread belief that a person’s kindness and humanity can be measured by how they treat children, the elderly, and animals; that is, the most defenseless creatures in society.

That’s why a woman in Brazil couldn’t help but capture the emotional moment she witnessed and after sharing it went viral, writes fancy4work

Ana Maria de Carvalho Leite lives in the municipality of Alexania in the state of Goiás, in the center of Brazil, where winter has hit hard in recent weeks – and yes, in the Caribbean country the cold also makes its own.

The thermometers have marked temperatures below 10ºC, which is unbearable for those who do not have a home to take refuge. Among them are not only the homeless, but the street dogs.

Ana Maria witnessed a young man running into a mestizo who was shivering in the middle of the street, and she couldn’t avoid the opportunity to approach him and help him. What this person did moved the woman so much that she decided to photograph it.

“I was at a gas station when I saw the boy and took a picture of him. It was a beautiful attitude, a gesture of affection and love”, said Ana Maria de Carvalho.

Without a doubt, it was a beautiful gesture of love, because this person took off one of his shirts used as a coat and used it to warm the puppy.

Encan perfectly understood that the young man only wanted to help him and did not put up any resistance when they put the clothes on him.

For a being who was trembling with cold, receiving that warm shirt was a balm for his heart. In addition, the boy stayed by his side for a while, caressing him and giving him encouragement.

Although Ana María (and surely many people know this story), would love that the stranger decided to adopt the puppy and give it a new home; The young woman couldn’t help but be moved and grateful for such a humanitarian gesture.

Seeing an animal unprotected on the street and doing nothing to help it is certainly a rather selfish decision, but unfortunately, it must be admitted that it is the choice of most people. Therefore, such gestures of this guy are very welcome.

Thank you to this anonymous angel, share the story and with his example, help us multiply these simple yet wonderful actions.

Source: fancy4work.com

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