Dad Takes A Photo For His Daughter With A Horse , Then He Looks Closely At The Picture

When was the last time you had a good laugh? One dad saw a photo of his little girl with horse and couldn’t stop laughing. We know when you see the image you’ll be giggling as well. Especially if you have ever been around horses or other animals who like to photobomb.

One of the best things about horses is their personality. Each one is an individual, full of character and charisma.

Some are prim and proper picky eaters, some are nosey little guys who get into everything, and some are obvious class clowns. You’ll notice the ones who fall into the latter category pretty easily.

They are usually the ones who are making faces in the background when you’re trying to speak, or who make noises when you’re trying to be serious.

It seems one dad and his daughter met a very funny horse recently when they attempted to take a photo for the family album.

Not much is known about this photo which originally started circulating online in 2016. However, once it made its way to Reddit, numerous media outlets started sharing the funny picture, including Time Magazine. The Wolf 101.5 shared the image on their Facebook page, which drew in thousands of views.

Some of the comments about the photo of the girl with horse mention the specific breed, and others remarked about how animals behave. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the way the photo made them feel, and after looking at it, it’s clear to see why. It’s a very amusing image!

One commenter said “people who say animals don’t have fun well here’s the proof that animals do have fun.” Another replied, “Think it’s a Budweiser Clydesdale who loves to have his picture taken.” And yet another remarked, “How cute is this photo lolI can see why the dad laughed. I’m still laughing. This is a family treasure picture.”

Truly this must be an amazing photo! To see the full image, scroll down. Don’t forget to bring your tissues, this one will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry!

We don’t know where the image was taken, but it does look like everyone was having a good time. It looks like there is a carriage being pulled by the horses, so maybe this was at a festival or market?

This little girl was probably waiting all day to get a chance to get close enough to this special pony. When she finally did, it was sure to give her a memory that lasts a lifetime. Have you ever seen a horse like this?

Apparently, these horses are famous Clydesdales who are familiar with making special appearances. Maybe they are familiar with photobombing too? It looks like they are posing as if getting ready for a closeup.

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