Neglected Puppy wept because he was being taken care of for the first time in his life.

Hello, Bonggu! Even though he was only 9 months old, he had to suffer through the tragedies of his life. Initially, he was a past owner’s pet as well.

But after the chld got sck and weakened, he was fully neglected by ths person. The infant is malnourished and sick.

He did indeed relocate, but he did not take Bonggu with him. Bonggu was left on the balcony, bound with a thick chain. The gate is completely closed. He had been sobbing nonstop for the past few days.

Bonggu received no assistance. till an elderly woman overhears a puppy’s cry. The 90-year-old woman made an effort to assist the infant.

When the infant was first wrapped in a blanket, he cried. possibly joyful gashes instead.

The infant is currently housed with a generous elderly woman. for about two weeks.