Golden Retriever Won’t Go Anywhere Without His Mini-Me Stuffed Toy

The golden retriever named Barley never goes anywhere without his plush toy named Fluffy, who is a replica of himself and looks precisely the same.

The golden retriever puppy, who is one year old and lives in Amsterdam, was described by his owner, Zita Butler, who is 31 years old, as being a typical, fun-loving golden retriever.

“He is someone who craves the spotlight. He has a silly side to him. According to Butler, who spoke to, “He is an explorer.” “He enjoys cuddling up on the couch with Fluffy and his owners almost as much as he enjoys running on the beach and through the woods,”

A little over a week before Butler moved into their home, her partner and she had purchased from Ikea that they named Fluffy.

According to Butler, “we imagined that a miniature replica of himself would help him through those first strange days at home without his mother and his brothers.”

They haven’t been able to spend a moment apart ever since that fateful day. You can almost always find Fluffy tucked up between Barley’s jaws, following Barley around wherever he goes.

He must feel comfortable holding him because goldens are known for having soft mouths, and he enjoys the attention he receives when toting him around, Butler added. They hang out together, go for walks together, and sleep in the same bed. They do all of these things together.

According to Butler, Fluffy even seems to calm Barley during tense times, like when the vacuum machine is turned on.

The fact that Barley takes such wonderful care of Fluffy is the cutest thing that has ever happened, according to Butler. “He showers him every morning, too!”

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