During the Induction Ceremony, a Lazy Police Dog Snoozes

Monday was a big day for Brody, the Bristol Police Department’s brand-new K-9 comfort dog. The 12-week-old puppy got up early for his swearing-in ceremony and managed to sleep through it all.

When Medeiros, the school resource officer, suggested including a therapy dog in the force, the police department was considering hiring a bomb- or drug-sniffing dog.

Midway through March, Brody joined Officer Medeiros, and at first it appeared that timing was not in their favor. You want him to meet as many people as you can, “said Medeiros. And I make an effort to achieve it while engaging in so

But as it turned out, Brody arrived at the very moment that he was needed. People are pretty worried, especially in law enforcement, says Medeiros. “

Just walking inside the police station with Brody makes people smile and feel better. Simply put, I find it really sweet that kids want to pet and cuddle him.”

Brody doesn’t keep his eyes open, but it’s still a job well done.

On the day of his swearing-in ceremony, Brody showed how comfortable he was with his new coworkers: “We set him down on the desk and he was just so comfortable that he laid down and fell asleep,” remembered Medeiros.

The fact that the police department posted a video of the incident on Facebook and it has since received 63,000 views shows how effective Brody has already been at upliftment.