Toddler Thinks Puppy Is Her ‘Baby’, Puppy Doesn’t Want To Break Her Heart

The strong connection between kids and dogs never fails to amaze me. This story is a great example of such a pure and adorable friendship between a little girl and her Dachshund puppy. You’re in for some serious cuteness!

The young girl was ecstatic when she saw the toy stroller her mom bought for her dolls. But upon seeing the pink color, she knew it would be perfect to take her eager Dachshund pup on a walk instead. Seeing the toddler’s joy, Mom decided to let her have it with both of them!

The puppy instantly hops into the comfy doll stroller that is just about his size when Mom takes him to an empty open area.

The toddler grasps the two handles of the stroller and begins pushing it around, taking tiny steps. Although the little girl has little sense of direction, her dog appears to be having a wonderful time!

The girl and puppy’s facial expressions in this video are indicative of their joyous adventure through the streets in a stroller.

The girl dotes on the puppy as if he were her child, while the pup good-naturedly plays along with his “sister“. They make an absolutely delightful pair! This feel-good video is certain to put a smile on your face!

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