Nearly every day after work, this woman travels to the Turkish mountains to take care of stray dogs.

Turkey’s highlands and deserted regions are regularly visited by stray animals. They struggle frequently as they are continually on the quest for food and water.

Fortunately, there are people like Aza, one of the few genuinely moral residents who takes care of stray animals. Aza journeys up into the Turkish mountains, where there are hundreds of stray dogs living there that are in need of food and water.

She has been feeding and taking care of these creatures for the past 10 years. Her journey takes two hours, and she typically makes it home after work every day.

She has been helping these adorable animals for many years and gives all of her time and energy to doing so.

Given the rising costs of purchasing food, water, and automobile gasoline, the lady is grateful for gifts. She acknowledges that these canines have individual identities, personalities, and stories just as her children do.

She believes that if there is a method to help, it should be done since all creatures deserve to be loved.

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