The photographer was left in awww to see the mother goose taking care of 47 children and keeping them safe

Caring for a child is never easy, but what if you had to take care of 47 children? Yes, you heard that right. Forty-seven is a difficult number for many parents, but for this Canadian goose, she can handle it well.

The moment Hans kept his “gossip” safe, he was caught on camera by Mike Degaut, who approached him on the Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. He did not think that he loved Geez, but after seeing this scene he changed his mind completely.

“I used to go out every night by the river looking for beavers,” said Degaut, “and there was a lot of gay activity because they were coming from the south and looking for a place to nest.” “It’s definitely interesting to see nesting sites competing and defending their nests.”

“They’re cute when they’re little – like little tennis balls with legs,” the photographer shared his first impression of Gosling.

One May night, Dugout was sitting by the river when he found mother Hans with 16 children, which was actually higher than usual. But when he returned the next day, he was surprised to find that the number of baths had increased.

25 one day and 30 the next. Even the number of children’s genes reached 47! It was not difficult to understand that the mother was also taking care of her partner’s children.

“I was amazed that this mother has 16 children. I kept looking for her and her neck every night. And it seemed like she had a big group every day,” he said.

The Canadian goose usually lays six eggs. When the parents of different families come together, a group of “gang brood” (child geez) is formed, and the parents divide their duties.

Digout could tell that Hans’s mother had been hired for the job: “It was amazing how calm she was with so much gossip,” he added. “She seems to be a patient mother.”

Later, the group was divided into three large family units, but Super Mum and her companions still ensure the safety of 25 children until it is time to move south again.

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