This man has earned the name Cat Man. He risks his life in a war zone to care for over 200 abandoned cats

The Syrian city of Aleppo was one of the most dangerous places on our planet. While many residents fled their homes to escape the war, one man stayed and cared for hundreds of stray and abandoned cats.

This man has earned the name Aleppo Cat Man. When people fled the bombings, they left their pets with hիմ because they knew he loved cats. As the war began to intensify, more and more animals began to be brought to him.

Mohammed helped these helpless animals with food and protection. He had only 20 cats at the beginning, but a year later, the number of cats in his shelter exceeded one hundred.

By the time all his friends left Aleppo, the cats had since become the only friends of Mohammed in the city. “A merciful person will be merciful to all living things,” he believes.

“And I won’t leave them, no matter what happens.” At the same time, cats are not enough for Mohammad. He takes an active part in rescue operations throughout the besieged city.

On the Nobel Peace Prize Facebook page, there are photographs of him pulling children out of blown-up buildings, carrying people out of the ruins, and even feeding the sick.

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