Tiny Lion Cub Runs To Dad For Comfort After Tumbling Out Of Tree, It’s So Sweet!

We all need comfort to forget our pain and sadness. Just like us, animals also get in trouble and have difficult times. They also need support and comfort from their friends or family.

The lion cub in this post is no exception. He fell down from a tree and needed someone to ease his pain. And of course, he knew where to find it.

A French wildlife photographer named Sonia Rousseau was at the right time to capture the hilarious moment of a poor lion cub falling out of a tree. Although the poor cub looked painful, viewers couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction and action.

After stumbling out of the tree, he instantly regretted his mischief. As soon as he touched the ground, he immediately ran to his protective dad for comfort.

“I’m always excited about what might happen and the morning I took this shot was very special,” the photographer said. “When we got closer to the tree we could see the small cub sitting on the tree branches.

After a few seconds it was hanging off the tree by his front legs, then fell onto all fours and ran over to his dad for comfort.”

As you could see in the photos, the cub climbed up a tree to get some rest, but he suddenly lost his balance and tumbled

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