Ottawa Man Startled To Find Moose In Backyard Pool

Paul Koch, an Ottowa resident from the south, was shocked to see a huge moose swimming in his backyard pool.

Koch said, “I still don’t understand how she got into the yard. She would need to jump a minimum 5- to 5-and-a-half-foot fence in order to do it.

Before moving up to the shallow end to stand up, the moose hung out and swam around the pool for several hours.

Koch thought the moose appeared a little lonely. He was unable to determine if it was attempting to exit the pool or simply enjoying an excellent bath.

Around 10:30 am, the moose exited the pool on its own. Mike Vorobej, a neighbor, said, “I just thought I would certainly check it out because I live nearby.” It is a substantial fence. They don’t come around that often. Actually, it’s a cow on stilts.

The Kochs said that this was the most memorable experience of their 40 years as homeowners, despite the fact that they had to pay for repairs to the pool’s cellular covering.

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