Kitten Rescued From Yard Shows His Lovable Personality As He Recovers

After a California resident’s puppy discovered an abandoned kitten in the yard, the cat’s life was completely flipped upside down.

The newborn ball of fur, who appeared quite frail and was just a few days old, was brought back by the dog. He was entirely alone because his mother and brother had vanished without a trace.

The resident informed the networks that the kitten need medical treatment. Thanks to Adam and Margaux, who serve as a bridge for animal rescue and adoption, Jacqueline DeAmos, founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, spotted the article and went out seeking for him. Adam and Margaux made the following remarks:

“We could tell he was a warrior the moment we first met him. He made us aware that he was staying for good by screaming the whole hour-long journey home.

Jellybean, the little ball of fur, had a cut on his shoulder but would fully recover with the right treatment. The kitten was aware that he was receiving the essential medical care and was in excellent hands.

“The moment I found him, I immediately placed him in an incubator with a heating pad so he could become warm. After that, I served him his first meal. Jacqueline stated, “We cleansed his wound and started him on medicines.

Although this adorable cat had to be fed via an injection machine for many days, he was more than delighted to get all the attention.

Jellybean was entirely revived on the third day following his rescue. He seemed to be recharging his batteries those days before shocking everyone with his naughty demeanor.

He would put out his tongue after every meal, perhaps to indicate that it was good and he was satisfied. He frequently slept off with his mouth open; perhaps he had dreams about eating more munchies.

“After a few weeks, he started eating more and grew to a healthy weight. It took long to wean him off the bottle because of how finicky he was. After nearly seven weeks, he finally stopped drinking milk, Adam and Margaux noted.

This adorable cat simply needed to take its first steps to start jumping and running for everyone; else, it would have turned into a bundle of activity without a gentle heart.

His caregivers had to alternate between working from the room and keeping him company since he loved to cause trouble. He used to sleep for hours next to us while we worked. One of her favorite things was cuddling. She would curl up and go to sleep as soon as we covered him with the sheets, said her carers.