Cat wonders why the child won’t get up from her chair. Very amusing.

Before his mother became pregnant, Fly was never an especially friendly cat. He immediately fell in love with his new baby sibling.

For the first time, Frank took Roy home, and it was as if he had known all along that his closest buddy was waiting for him from the beginning.

Fly adores his brother, especially the exciting new toys that he brought. Fly was thrilled when his mother unintentionally brought out a new brother, but he didn’t seem to understand that the magnificent chair wasn’t meant for him. Frank asserted that Fly frequently served as the lounger.

It’s obvious that he thinks it belongs to him. He will ask for a belly rub while still sitting and flip over onto his back. He goes to sleep here “after breakfast.” Thanks to the bouncer Frank put in the bathroom, she can watch Roy while she gets ready for the day.

Fly will frequently have already made camp by the time she is ready to deposit Roy there. Before starting to clean himself, he allegedly touched Roy’s palm to show Roy how much he loved him.

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