In His Backyard, a Man Constructed a Cute Little Picnic Table for Squirrels.

This little table was created by a plumber from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, who is 43 years old. When he was a child, he enjoyed watching squirrels eat. He built them a small picnic table so they could eat there.

“I get up at sunrise and have done for a long time to feed the squirrels and fill the bird feeders. Play the morning news while you observe everyone eating.”

Even in these uncertain times, Kalinowski remarked, “I buy a wide selection of nuts and seeds for the squirrels, as well as fresh-cut fruit.”

Although squirrels are at ease feeding on the ground, Kalinowski didn’t allow that to stop him from providing them with a somewhat more luxurious place to do so.

“In the morning, I construct a picnic table and place it on the fence outside my living room window. I am drinking my coffee while watching the squirrels eat.

He made a little picnic table out of some leftover wood. The item was then attached to his fence. When everything was finished, the squirrels could eat all the nuts they wanted. Even a spread of nuts was placed on the table for them.

Now, visitors stop by his tiny table twice a day to eat the almonds he has left out for them. It’s a good thing he remembered to take some videos and photos of this adorable location. View this clip from a visit to one of these places.