When the dog gave birth in the middle of the night, the pups stayed until there were 15 little cubs.

She was told to count on six to eight pups when Anita’s dog was expecting them, but she was shocked when the time came! She went into labor the morning of her due date and gave birth to five teeny puppies, followed by ten more.

It’s correct. The dog had a total of 15 pups. You’d think that would be enough to break records, yet it turns out to be the second biggest litter in the UK.

The eldest litter has 18 pups. It took her almost seven hours to give birth. Just picture the feelings this new mother had when each dog was born.

No, her owners didn’t intend to have that many little puppies. To say they were astonished is an understatement.

She proves to be an excellent mother, not letting anybody touch the puppies at any point, not even to help with nursing. She looks after everything as a single parent.

It is quite fantastic to know that the owners provide a safe haven not just for stray dogs but also for the litters that give birth to their adored canines. What a fantastic tale, don’t you think?

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