Despite their differences, they are quite cute: The mother Pitbull who was adopted tends to a bird.

Mumo is an adorable magpie who Juliette and her partner recently saved. The awful object was covered with grass, unfortunately.

The two agreed to take her home since she needed help. Pinkie, their cherished Pitbull, was hesitant to approach the bird, though.

Juliette had watched them closely since she wasn’t sure how the two of them would get along. Pinkie moved closer and began to smell the bird’s beak.

The parents’ fascination with the little youngster piqued the dog’s curiosity. The first time they engaged, they lay close to one another without touching. After then, they had become good friends.

They always ate together and remained close. Pinkie had taken on the role of mother. Pinkie kept a close eye on Mumo. The magpie reciprocated the dog’s feelings. Mumo would just nod off while lying on the Pitbull’s back.

The dog was followed around by the bird. The bird mimicked everything the Pitbull did once Pinkie ultimately reared her. Regardless of the animal’s species. No matter what, a mother is always a mother.

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